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If you can read 20 Questions, you can lead a Bible study
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You shouldn’t have to be a brain surgeon to lead a Bible Study

What you will find on this site are the same Bible Study Lessons I use when I teach a Small Group Bible Study or Adult Sunday School class. Each Bible Study Lesson consists of about 20 ready-to-use questions.

If you can read 20 questions you can lead a Bible Study


Study the book of joy and learn to rejoice in the Lord always


These things are written that you may believe. 


For by grace you have been saved through faith.

Our Story

Hi!  I am Josh Hunt. Pastor. Author. Dad. Granddad. Hiker. Photographer.

I love small groups.
And, I hate boring Bible Study lessons. 

When I lead a small group Bible Study, I like to walk in the door with about 20 ready-to-use questions. My preferred style of teaching is the Socratic, discussion-oriented approach. I believe people are changed more by what they say then what the hear.

How to Use These Lessons
to Teach the Bible
and Change Lives

1.  Read question #1, talk about it.
Read question #2, talk about it.
Read question #3 talk about it…

Don’t feel obligated to read all the question.
Do feel free to change, adapt and come up with questions of your own.

2.  Spend the rest of your life improving on this basic skill. 

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Why we must discuss

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Why so many questions

Why so many questions

I had someone email me recently asking why my Bible lessons have some many questions. He observed—rightly—that if the group really discussed well, it would take two or three weeks to go through one lesson. Well, the reason my lessons are so long is based on a little...

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