1.  Read question #1, talk about it.
Read question #2, talk about it.
Read question #3 talk about it…

I provide answers in the form of quotes from well-known authors. You may or may not use these. You certainly shouldn’t use all of them. Some quotes you can read in their entirety. Most are there for your background information. Don’t feel obligated to read all the question. Do feel free to change, adapt and come up with questions of your own.

2.  Spend the rest of your life improving on this basic skill.

Read Disciplemaking TeachersTeach Like Jesus, andThe Effective Bible Teacher Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and watch videos on how to be a better teacher. The better the teaching, the more likely the growth. The better the teaching, the deeper the discipleship. The #1 reason that Sunday School quit growing is that the teaching is boring. If you don’t believe this, attend a few random Sunday School classes and notice how often you look at your watch. In Acts 14.1 we read that people believed because of the effectiveness of the teaching. The belief of the people is tied directly to the effectiveness of the teaching.  We desperately need an army of effective Bible teachers who are constantly improving their skill.

3.  The goal of teaching is to make disciples. We do this by getting people to speak the truth.

Jesus taught that it is what comes out of a person’s mouth—the words we speak—that changes us. Paul said, “Speaking the truth we will grow…” We would expect it to say that we grow as we hear the truth. Paul knew better. Until we speak the truth, we don’t really know the truth. James taught that our words are like a rudder on a ship that turns the ship where the captain wants it to go. When we speak words of gratitude, we become more grateful. When we speak words of love, we become more loving. When we lead people to speak the truth, they are changed by the truth that they speak. See this article.