I had someone email me recently asking why my Bible lessons have some many questions. He observed—rightly—that if the group really discussed well, it would take two or three weeks to go through one lesson.

Well, the reason my lessons are so long is based on a little insecurity of mine. I have a paranoia about being in front of a group and running out of stuff to say. So, when I prepare lessons for myself, I like to have two or three times as many questions as I will actually use. I rarely use all the questions when I use my own lessons to teach.

I am a photographer. http://www.joshhuntphotos.com/ One of the life lessons I have learned from photography relates to this point. If you want to take better pictures, take more pictures. Take two or three times as many as you want and throw the bad ones away. The same thing is true with Bible study questions. I try to provide you more than you need. Also, I assume that some line of questions won’t work with some groups. So, I provide extra, thinking it is easier to delete than to create.

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